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The final product is a 12x18 cover - these are just crude mockups produced for documentation.

I first met Ben Sellick at an improv night in Winnipeg, where he was playing a small midi keyboard, supplying improvised backing music to a wide array of comedic skits. Turns out, as a writer of music, the fine fellow registers in many ranges of not only skill, but musical breath. We were introduced through a mutual friend, and I took on the task of helping him design a logo and stylized jacket for this sheet music.
Getting to the logo, Ben had been captured with the basic asethetic style of Brunello Cucinelli, an Italian fashion magnate known not only for the quality of his company, but also for the positive impact his business practices have had on the people living in the towns where his operations take place.  In both logo style and jacket format, he also wanted to evoke aspects of modern 20th century music, but with an aspiration to return to humanist forms, away from the geometry of grotesks, geometric sans, and modern serifs.

And so it was that the resulting logo was distinctly calligraphic but with the compact form of a crest. The entire logo is based on hand rendering taken from a wide variety of sketched attempts at something that could condense all three letters with a small lass of legibility and without making the "w" look like an "i." After a lot of back and forth between the use of a Caslon or a Garamond for the name and for the rest of the sheet music jacket, Sorts Mill Goudy by the League of Movable Type presented itself as the perfect halfway point between a Renaissance serif and a rounded modern serif.
The process of arriving at the final logo emerged from a series of sketches in different styles, all in an attempt to find something evoked the feeling Ben wanted to communicate. 
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