The Exceptional Vera Good
Dr. Vera Good is most well known as a pioneer of Educational Television in Ontario, helping to develop the highly acclaimed series "Polka Dot Door," a staple of the 70s, 80s, and early 90s. 

However, journalist and biographer Nancy Silcox' account of Good's life chronicles multiple noteworthy accomplishment. Growing up on an Old Order Mennonite farm in southern Ontario, Good began her professional life as a school teacher, rising through several positions quickly to become of the first female principles in the province. Thrown in a trip to India with Mennonite Central Committee and loves found and lost, and you have the ample makings of a Mennonite icon - all of this taking place before her foray into television. 
CMU Press approached me to design the cover and interior for the biography, and my research into her life brought me into contact with the multiple sectors she has touched with her work and gracious and tenacious personality.
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Life at the End of Us Vs Them
-- cover/back/spine design only --
(from the back)
Our present moment can no longer sustain a stable “us” versus an alien “them,” according to René Girard and Ivan Illich, radical critics of both Christianity and culture. The end of us versus them can deteriorate into the chaos of each against each or it can open outward into freely chosen communion. It is an expectant - and apocalyptic - time. How does one live in this strange, endtime world? As a wanderer in the odd, cross-culture country Girard and Illich have mapped, the author arrives at a surprising new place in relation to those who are his other: women, queer folk, refugees, Muslims, atheists, and Indigenous people. In this collection of essays, he blinks, looks around, and makes some field notes.
The book's cover design features artwork by Manitoban oil painter Jane Gateson.
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