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Like with the artisan and craft community, the world of photography deals with emotions, vulnerability, and - to varying extents - embellishment. Developing an branded aesthetic presence in this community requires treading the fine line between character and excess.
A number of additional concepts were considered, based on concepts ranging from old quirky Fujifilm logos, ultra-geometric modular concept logos, and other forms of illustrated type. the three letters "CLU" are atypically potent acronym, with potential for all sorts of symbolic interplay. In the end, we went for the basic idea of an illumination, an idea, a "clu" if you will about how to get a great shot.
The idea moving off the block was to create a full name graphic for printed contexts, and a small flourish that has a little less formality that situations like a social media profile icons, the favicon beside the URL (see below), and on the business card as more of a business logo. The idea of two logos working together reflects how photography is by nature personal but for some ultimately professional.
For the business card, Atipo Foundy's Bariol was the perfect Sans, with its rounded details and slightly bowed proportions.
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