After hiring a different designer to design up front some of the original elements, including the logo and typeface choices, Fools & Horses contacted me to take over the day-to-day work of designing business cards, creating shop graphics, updating menus, and ultimately developing entirely new materials for new products. 
379 Broadway
Fools & Horses was started to demonstrate and prove that it was possible to run a business in a decentralized way while implementing sustainable practices and paying workers a living wage.  You can read more about what it means for Fools to be a coffee shop and a sustainable business here.
To this end, the brand flourishes are deliberately minimized. My work with the brand since its original inception is to introduce the consistent use of a serif font, both to increase legibility in menus but also to convey that there is a human side to Fools & Horses beneath the capsule-like white minimalism.
The Forks Common.
The opening of this location marked Fools' transition from a single shop to a franchise with two locations. All restaurant and beverage vendors are required to use provided digital signage.

You can see work I've done for other vendors in the Forks Common here.
Now that the shop is a chain, the menus need to be consistent. Therefore, the Forks Menu is an attempt to mimic the menu at the Broadway location. In an earlier draft, we kicked around the idea of making the menu appear similar to an analogue flight ticker from an airport.
Very few visual elements were developed for this new location, with the exception of a few signs.
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