You can find out more about Manitoba House on their website and on Facebook.
Working with children of many backgrounds in Winnipeg's North End, Manitoba House is a Chrisitian ministry focused on building relationships with and between children and members of their community by creating a place between home, work, and indigenous and christian community gathering spaces.
The logo had to communicate the idea of networking and connection, as well as evoke the nature of what Manitoba house does. So I set out to conceptually communicate that Manitoba House existed to connect communities already in the west end, not to compete with them or be overly defined by its own agendas.
Multiple options were pursued with the client, with multiple typographic approaches.
The final choice was to use the all caps typeface Cagliostro from MADtype. 
Following the establishment of the logo, a brochure and letterhead were developed around the use of Proza Libre for all type.
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