Though I was not responsible for the original design of Fools & Horses' original logo and branding, I've been taking care of the visuals for the iconic Broadway-based coffee chain since 2015. In that time, I've branched out to digital menu design for the Forks, visual standards for chain-wide branding, packaging design, and upcoming merchandise.
Foo You can see more of my work for Fools & Horses here.
Hildegard's Bakery
Integrity Foods of Riverton, MB open a new bakery and urban home base in Winnipeg. I worked with the new managers to design branding and a logo, develop menus and signage, and troubleshoot the cafe layout.
Integrity Foods has straddled the line between a cosmopolitan sensibility and grassroots honesty and simplicity. We wanted the same for Hildegard's bakery, which led to the use of a hybrid of printed and chalked menu elements. 
See more of my work for Hildegard's Bakery here.
Corto (Passero/Corto)
Passero/Corto is known or its original and unique take on Italian cuisine, integrating a lunch bistro alongside its already awesome evening offerings. All of  Scott Bagshaw's restaurants incorporate incredibly minimal menus, usually set in the typeface of the restaurants' logo and all in one size. For this particular restaurant on a digital menus, things had to be changed for the Corto lunch imprint to optimize screen legibility and navigation. Same went for the printed version, which mirrors the digital design.
Flying Pizza is one of the best kept secrets in Winnipeg's world of cheap pizza. All three locations are owned and operated independently by members of the Sidhu family. An even deeper secret is perhaps the key to the great taste - all their locations have been using high-quality Bothwell fresh Mozzarella for years. When I got involved revamping the design of their brochures and creating a new design for their new digital menus at the Jefferson location, I made a specific point of highlighting their use of a fantastic local cheese.
The Red Ember is known not only for having incredibly tasty oven-baked pizza, but also it's massive food truck, regarded as the biggest food truck in Winnipeg.
They made a last-minute overnight request for a digital menu design that evoked the truck and its simple menu, and the result is a close match oft the print menu set underneath red detailing.
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