At first glance, the symbol appears abstract. However, it is a number of symbols subtly intertwined. the wavy line is being drawn by a pen that heads into a circle (symbolizing a globe) and becomes an olive branch of peace. All the while, the pen and its stroke form abstractly the head of a dove or bird, again working positively into the dove and olive branch - both symbols that are with the university's logo and are symbols of peace.
Additionally, the use of al lower case letters for the logotype helps to reduce the logo's formality and keep it looking youthful.

The Design process in creating the logo was difficult as multiple interests were desired - The association leaders valued professionalism, yet still wanted to project an easygoing nature to attract students who might be intimidated by the association's appearance of formality. They also wanted a strong symbol that could stand for both the school and the aspirations and values of its students.
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