Paul Walker's death was a tragedy. We at my University have a connection with Paul Walker that, ironically, is connected to death. In "the Lazarus Project," a small indie film starring Paul Walker, a man who believes he was executed wakes up in an institutue of sorts which he is led to believe is some sort of bizarre afterlife. Most of the films interior shots were filmed at Canadian Mennonite University. 

Rick Unger, a friend of mine who works at the University with the maintenance department, knows the campus inside and out and knows the film just well. I collaborated with him, and we produced this collection of images we call "Paul Walker Stood Here," with the goal of 1) Matching the shots as well as we could , 2) showing people where Paul Walker as has stood, and 3) honouring Paul Walker, who in addition to an actor, was a generous and humble person.
This montage was also featured in the Mennofolk 2014 artist exhibit. (See Image Below)
Equipment Used:
Nikon D7000
Sigma 17-15 f2.8 (Shots fall between f/2.8 and f/8)
Image Processing in Photoshop CC
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