You can find Jonathan Puddle at his Website and on Instagram and Facebook.
Jonathan is an author, children's pastor, non-profit administrator, and a technology and marketing leader. A husband and father of three, Jonathan was born in New Zealand, lived in Toronto for 8 years, Finland for 5, and now resides in Guelph, Ontario. He love books, music, movies, dark beer, good food, and long walks on the beach.
Jonathan spent 13 years working at Catch The Fire Toronto, directing a number of departments, and now works at a small Christian charity in Guelph. He's also a trance and progressive house DJ, in case you're into that.
His new venture as a podcast host and interview has set his focus on theology, grace, and love. The challenge in designing his logo was to integrate several different influences - the notion of upward mobility and self-empowerement, celtic and orthodox imagery, and a literal heart itself.
Brainstorming was an arduous process of eliminating the most obvious and tacky attempts at such a synthesis. The ultimate solution ended up being the use of intersecting lines to break up the heart and distract somewhat from its literal form with the use of the interlocking threads seen in Celtic crosses ending finally in the outward arrow indicating an upward direction.
From this logo, we moved into developing the colour schemes and layout for the title logo of his podcast, aply named "The Puddcast," as well as the graphic treatments for his subline "Live Freely, Love Powerfully," seen on his website and graphically on his facebook page.
Decisions were also made about typography. While the title text in the logo is Kelson, the main workhorse font is Adelle Sans, with Merriweather as the body serif for the blog and any printed materials. The decision to use these came from their availability on the Squarespace platform, as well as the need for serif access on Canva for Jonathan to use to generate periodical episode titles.
From this we created a brand guide that outlines proper use of type, colour, and graphical elements. It is simple and straightforward and designed with basic everyday graphic preparation in mind.
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