Following my work for Winnipeg's Spurfest 2016,  I was asked to work on developing a visual identity for Spurfest 2017, creating graphic templates that would be used in different cities across Canada. 
The theme was "Risk," manifesting in unique academic, cultural, and aesthetic explorations. The term itself is loaded with personal implications , as well as a multitude of different intricate theoretical meanings. I chose to explore how the basic idea - of entering into the possibility of destruction and loss in hope of reaching a new redemptive reality or development - might be represented abstractly without communciating an exact emotional connotation.
I came to the idea of risk as a membrane that twists. This led me to the idea of risk as lines converging to a point, scattering away in a new an unpredictable direction. Then further to the idea of society and history as a series of these points of tension bringing lines of stories to converging tense points that then scatter out and away with unforeseen new directions. 
One of the benefits of this approach is that it is something of a modular concept that can be rejigged for localized graphic ideas while still looking like a part of the whole.
As for typography in the logo, I wanted to use something historical and game-like, and didn't shy away from making it look somewhat like the infamous Risk boardgame logo.
This then led to the creation of the poster templates, taking some typographic and layout cues from the 2016 event posters.
These were templates designed to be used by the designers for every local festival in the corresponding colours for every city across Canada - Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa, and Toronto (Red not picutred - my printer doesn't do solid red very well, haha).
In addition to the creation of these templates, I created primary event images for the overarching intersecting themes that Spur events address.
These were based on the idea of a subject or thematic object in a scene breaking past the border of the image they are in, sometimes in a playful or thought-provoking way.
Also included was a handout card to be distributed to poll individuals on their understanding of what it means to be Canadian on the occasion of Canada 150.
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