Find Wild Thistle Design at their homepage and on Instagram and Facebook.
I began working with Wild Thistle concurrently to my work with Hildegard's Bakery, and it was not a concidence - the lively and green interior the newly opened bakery is becoming known for is largely the work of this fresh Winnipeg-based design consultancy.
A request was made for a specific kind of thistle was made, as well as an approach involving French Modern design while still remaining Earthy in feel. For this reason, I chose Number 23 by Hanken Design Co. A blocky ornate serif with generous width varation, Number 23 walks this balance perfectly. HKC has been steadily carving a niche out for itself as a provider of very high quality and distinctive type, and I have been working a lot with their work in my projects.
The "design" tag in all caps is Marsellus SC.
The thistle symbol seen is drawn entirely by hand, with modifications to angle and shape done digitally. 
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