A lot of people think that design is a highly specialized, stoic, chin-scratching probe into the depths of aesthetic minutae. While it's true that good design involves a lot of thinking, the best design just happens when people work together on stuff honestly and openly and with a sense of adventure and playfullness.  That's what I've learned to be true, and so my approach of having a lot of conversations with a lot of people a lot of the time has led me not only to come up with ideas, but also discover I have a knack for executing them and seeing them to fruition. It's what's led me to work in a wide variety of mediums and roles in a wide range of industries and contexts.
Development happens behind close doors, but inception often occurs around a table or a bunch of chairs or standing in a room with:

"Say, _____​​​​​​​ ... what if you were to _____ ?"
Though the stuff I make on a day to day basis  is evidence of an artist of some kind at work, I really think of myself as a contextual engineer of visual stuff - I like solving visual problems and designing creative and sustainable solutions to communications objectives. 
Design should not consist of projecting gloss or polish to force a point across. I deeply love helping people and organizations show who they really are and what they can really be through the visual materials they release into the world.  People everywhere are so different, but they're also so very similar - I grew up between cultures and know personally how hard it is to build commonality and trust without paving over the rootedness and uniqueness that we come by honestly. For me, the truest joy of my work is achieving this.
Through numerous stints as a designer, magazine editor, photographer, and writer, I've found an anchoring place in branding, layout, and print design. Over the 5 years I've been actively involved in professional freelance design, I've developed my natural eye for typography and proportions into an ability to tell a story with subtle visual forms and develop strong brands rich with visual language.
From a technical perspective, my work speaks for itself.  As for my process and approaches to design, I'll have to speak for my work.
So get in touch!
Alright, time to look stoic.
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